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Whether you’re seeking transportation for medical goods, medical specimens, devices, or lab samples, DirectExpress is there to help you meet your delivery needs.
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About us.

DirectExpresss, a medical logistics service organization, is a specialized transportation company serving hospitals and pharmaceutical distribution organizations across the Carolinas. Since 1974, DirectExpress has been transporting critical laboratory specimens, whole blood, etc. across North and South Carolina. Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each client. Scheduled hospital deliveries often include lab specimens, pharmaceutical drugs, surgical instruments, Covid tests, and inter-company supplies. Courier personnel for On Demand STAT delivery for critical health matters are set up as an exclusive unit to make certain response is immediate to ensure a patient’s health care receives ultimate attention.

We are an asset-based utilizing bona fide company employees operating a company-furnished vehicle to further ensure daily success. Our technology based transportation provides a strict chain of custody and offers critical reporting. Our clients can score our service, validate our cost, and justify our expense for each delivery we make. Sophisticated reporting provides our client information for charging back our fees to the appropriate users for services rendered. We are a mirror image of an internal transportation department, but better, without the daily management of transportation headaches. We are most often considered an asset to our client and not an expense!
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