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DirectExpress has a wide range of medical courier services to help meet your delivery requirements..  Since 1974, we have been transporting critical laboratory specimens, whole blood and more in the Carolinas.  Our services are tailored to your specific needs.  Scheduled hospital deliveries often include lab specimens, pharmaceutical drugs, surgical instruments, Covid tests and inter-company supplies.  We work closely with our delivery coordinators and dispatch units to ensure your deliveries get to where they need to be reliably and on time.
Specimen & Sample Delivery
On Demand STAT Delivery for Critical Needs
Surgical Instruments & Pharmaceuticals
Supplies & Equipment

Why Choose DirectExpress

If you want your medical courier services to be high-quality, hassle-free, and affordable, then DirectExpress is the right choice for you. e provide cost effective medical courier services with well-trained staff. Your needs will be met and delivered safely because our staff is trained to handle your company‚Äôs medical supplies and sensitive packages in a timely, safe and professional manner.
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    An amazing courier service!
  • What Our Customers Say

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  • What Our Customers Say

    Blown away. Easy to use portal system.

How it works.

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A medical courier is
dispatched to your pick-up
location for a secure
Your delivery is transported
to your final destination and
its status is updated.

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