Case Study

Major Hospital with multiple locations and users

The Ask

  • Develop and implement A Patient Care Focused Transportation system offering cost and service control using technology for documentation
  • Desire to streamline multiple users of service, both internal and external (150 locations/840 departments) for financial efficiency and central documentation
  • Service to include:
    • STAT Service – On Demand service of Specimens, Blood, Medical Equipment, Hazmat material, Surgical Supplies, etc.  1000 STATS per month
    • Routed scheduled service – 18,000+ routed stops per day to internal departments

The Solution

  • Create a unique customized transportation network, after a thorough evaluation of the current environment for each user
  • Offer itemized documented cost of service using tracking and tracing technology
  • Improve service and lower cost to justify a total transportation department change

The Result

  • DirectExpress Logistics implemented a robust transportation network with on-site management based on the hospital campus, utilizing a centralized dispatch office
  • Using historical data obtained from all users, DirectExpress Logistics created a customized efficient routing structure to reduce cost for each department while meeting their needs
  • real time tracking and tracing software was implemented to track on-demand STAT orders and scheduled routes.
  • Achieved 30% reduction of STAT delivery requirements per month
  • Optimized routing to create a more efficient flow of specimens into labs
  • Patient care was enhanced due to the assistance of total visibility and transparency offered by advanced tracking and tracing technology
  • On demand orders are entered in the web portal by each user (150 plus users/840 departments)
  • Weekly management review is ongoing with Hospital leadership and DirectExpress’s management
  • Routes are operated by bona-fide company employees and company owned logo’d vehicles
  • Uniformed drivers
  • Service level was substantially improved while achieving lower costs


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